Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I have already read the book the Great Gatsby during my junior year for Mr. Lowndes, but since it was assigned again I re-read it and still had the same opinion about the book. In my opinion the book gives views about human nature in being pointless, alone, and to contemplate no other meaning in life then to strive to have money. In this book these views are pointing directly at the American life style and not so much the entire human nature, but my feelings about that being the only motives for living are completely off.

This book conveys the ideas that American people will only strive to the ideas of having money and being as rich as possible to make you happy. I believe that it is completely false. American people live not for money but for their beliefs, love, honor, and justice. In this book it repeatedly shows how all the characters care for is what others think about their image and how much money they can attain throughout there lifetimes. For example Daisy, the woman stuck between Tom (her Husband) and Gatsby (her lost lover), merely marries Tom because he is rich and with complete incompetence stays with the man after being able to choose between her lover and Tom. She stays with Tome because of two reasons- self-image and money. Its quite pathetic how these people deal with their lives and quite frankly does not reflect over fifty percent of the real American people. This book, in my mind, reflects not the common everyday American people but the celebrities that take over TV talk shows and tabloid gossip. This book has so many twisted scandals and fake love that my opinions of it are very low.

Well, this post seems very negative, but this is how I feel about the book. I annotated the book by just keeping trails on the signifigance of Gatsby and why he was such a big player in the book. Obviously he was the most important character considering the book is named after him. I think he was such an important person in the book because he was more true then fake. Even though he lied about his profession and such it was great to see his motives were not self-image and money but merely love.


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  1. Good. It's okay to be "negative." It's not a super happy book. I hope more things motivate us than money and the pursuit of material possessions. I do think Gatsby was more motivated by love--though it was a pretty shallow love. Thanks!