Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Chinese Bowl

In this poem I did not really understand the significance of it I do not think because I am not related to the idea of junk being special or small tokens of things. I do not think junk is very special because I do not have many compilments of those types of things in my life so it was hard to relate to this poem. It was interesting though how the author used the different things to explain different importances in his life. For example, when the character asks a question to the reader that says, "what could I drink from you...that would renew my fallen life?" This quote really got to me and showed me how so many small instances in your life and small impressions other people put off affect you and other people. It proves the point that small insignifacant things in your life actually do make a huge impact.
Maybe I should try keeping small tokens...

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  1. We had an awesome discussion about this poem in period 2. I'm anxious to see what your classmates come up with. I think it's deeper than it appears. :)