Sunday, January 30, 2011

Madness is Divinest Sense

This poem states that what is often declared madness is actually the most profound kind of sanity “Much Madness is divinest Sense", when viewed by someone with “a discerning Eye.” What is often called sense or sanity is in fact not just “Madness,” but profound madness “the starkest Madness”. It is only called “Sense” because it is not defined by reason, but by what the majority thinks.

This poem is a great example of the past historical, scientific, and political events that have been lost with this generation's lack of background. This poem is prime example of many historical happenings that no one every thought about due to common sense factor. Theories and questions that have long been answered and migrated into our daily lives were not always like that. For example the atom theory. The idea was developed in 5th century B.C. times by greek philosophers, and the idea came about through the simple thought that all matter was made up of smaller invisible particles joined together to make what we see now as a person or a chair- pretty much any object on the planet, including the planet. The idea was obviously laughed at and never considered. The idea was "madness" yet through hundreds of years and research, experiments, explaining and scientists this "mad" idea has been integrated into our common high school freshman biology class and it will be in the education system forever. The "mad" idea was thought of through and different perspective and considered in the natural world, and through this practical change in point of view it has changed the scientific feild and the world forever.

There can be many more examples of thinkers and philosophers that have been shot down and discriminated against for having irrational ideas, yet through the different facets of a perspective the ideas can be reinvented and not thought of as madness but pure genius. For example in today's society the idea of extraterrestrial beings is completely off the walls, but you never know in the future the ideas can be thought of differently and the perspective view can change human thinking forever.

The modern thinkers and philosophers are "chained" and discriminated against for being different. The "madness" may be madness but in considering different points of view and perspectives the mad sometimes do turn out to be the genius.

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  1. This is good. Try to add some poetic terms/language in to show you've analyzed the structure and how the poet put it together as much as what he/she had to say.