Monday, May 2, 2011

The Golf Links by Sarah N. Cleghorn

The golf links lie near the mill
    That almost every day
The laboring children can look out
     And see the men at play.

This poem is about the times in America before child labor laws came into existance or even into effect. Children and families at this point in time had little to no money and companies would hire children to work very long hours with dangerous jobs. The children in this poem are working for hours and hours next to a golf course and every day the children can see the rich men playing golf and having a carefree time, probably not even noticing these children. I looked up information on Sarah N. Cleghorn and she lived between 1876 and 1959. She was a writer and a poet. She was against child labor which this poem explicitly represents and she was mentioned by Robert Frost many times for her great talents as a poet and writer.

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  1. You've captured the meaning--what about her diction or how she says it? Anything there? :)